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Sh*tty Mom: The Parenting Guide For The Rest Of Us
is a New York Times bestselling humor book celebrating all those less-than-perfect parenting moments.

We’ve all been there, between a rock and mom place… where there are just too many Sh*tty Mom moments to think about.  Like handing your child the iPhone at dinner so you can eat quietly at a restaurant, or baking cupcakes for your child’s birthday celebration at school (only to learn that half the class eats gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free).

Sometimes you just want to give up!  Well you can’t.

This book is about how to survive babies, and what they grow into: children.

It’s about shortcuts and parenting with 40% effort, but doing it well enough so that no one but you notices.

This book is a both a How To, and a How Not To. You’ll learn how to ignore, avoid, threaten, and lie in easy-to-skim-while-locked-in the-bathroom chapters to help you make it through those days when there simply isn’t enough sh*tty advice in the world.

This is where we let it all hang out. Come share those funny parenting moments with us.

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Published by Abrams Books and published in SIX other countries:

Germany, Great Britian, Brazil, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Turkey


  1. Alison Spolar · · Reply

    I love being a Sh*tty Mom!!! I laughed so much I almost dropped my wine glass! It is well written and so freaking true!!!
    Could we now work on Sh*tty In laws?

    1. Could not come from a higher source!!! Thank you Alison!

  2. Judith Mosley · · Reply

    Cannot wait to get my copy, as I have often thought I was the ultimate Sh*tty Mom, but it appears I’m a member of a large elite group! Absolutey essential that the next book should be Sh*ttier Mom ….. when those children turn into teens!!

    1. Thank you Judith. Love your idea for the next one!

  3. THanks for stopping by my blog, I loved the book, and made me feel better than I am not the only Sh*tty mom out there. Loud and proud!

  4. Alas, I too am a Shtty mom. Must be an elite group.

    1. it is the best group!!

  5. Sh*tty moms unite! woohoo!

  6. tricia mcmillan · · Reply

    the sh**tier, the better! :)

  7. Love the book! I must qualify as well as my BFF because we leave our kids at Starbucks when we go wine tasting…

  8. I can’t wait to get this book!!

  9. Jodie Demmert · · Reply

    My new parenting bible, so good I wish I’d written it. I haven’t laughed so hard in years! Would love a teenage Sh*tty Guide. Thanks so much for writing this book, we all thought it….you guys had the guts to say it.

  10. Preschoolers often have a difficult time with transitions. Switching abruptly from one task to another can often be very stressful and result in melt downs. So the next time your child is playing, give them a five minute and one minute warning before telling them it’s time to clean up their toys.

  11. Ashley Lawson · · Reply

    I just bought this book… I’m one chapter in… and already you’ve outlined me perfectly! My daughter is 14 months old, and by all standards, probably among some of the most well-behaved babies in America. However, when she sees the iPhone, she turns into a monster until it’s in her grabby little hands…. so thanks for the iPhone tips! Can’t wait to read the rest of it!

  12. This book was awesome, the only thing that didn’t always work were the comments pertaining to the United States since this book is being sold internationally they didn’t always make sense to those of us not American. But I definately recommend reading it anyways.

  13. My sister in law gave this book. Love it! Made my husband read it too! Thank you soooo much!

  14. I must read this book. I thought I was the only Sh*tty mom around. Will be following!

    1. thank you for the love!

  15. Your article Sh*tty Mom | “…smartly, brashly, nearly criminally funny.” Time Magazine write very well, thank you share!

    1. Welcome to the club!

  16. AHappilyNotPerfectMom · · Reply

    Loving the book. Feel like I’ve finally found the place where real moms can go (we can’t all be **Farmhouse Table Building, Calligraphy Invitation Writing, Aren’t We So Cute While We Do It All Perfectly** types, can we?). Sh*ttyMom – I’m hooked!

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