Sh*tty Mom Turns ‘Happy Housewife’

Had a total blast dressing up for a New York Family Magazine shoot.

Location:  Magnolia Bakery.

The scene:  Sh*tty Moms Turn ‘Happy Housewife’…

HUGE thanks to the Editor Eric Messinger from New York Family for inviting us to such a wonderful party, Eve Pearl for doing our make-up, Mable Pang for coiffing those hair-dos, Monica Cotto for the cutest styling that two Mad Woman/June Cleaver wanna-bes could ask for, and photographer Thaddeus Harden for being so patient with us.  We are very excited to see the final product.   ** Please note, these are our personal happy snaps, not Thaddeus’s **

Look for more in the October issue of New York Family Magazine.

Oh Lucy, you’ve got some splainin’ to do!

Sara Gramling and Linda Facci – Magnolia Bakery
Eric Messinger – Editor, New York Family Magazine

Sh*tty Mom best served retro

Mad Wo-Man / June Cleaver… no?

Food fight!

photographer Thaddeus Harden

Which one do you dive into first?

With stylist Monica Cotto

With hair and make-up artists Mable Pang and Eve Pearl

Thaddeus Harden and Monica Cotto

With the lovely Eve Pearl

With Eric Messinger and Eve Pearl

Eve Pearl’s studio is the best! Call her!

Love that Magnolia


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