Advance Praise

Praise for “Sh*tty Mom for All Seasons” (2016)
“Shitty Moms provides just what we all need at the end of our parenting days: a shot of irreverence with a belly laugh chaser. With Shitty Moms 2, we get to make it a double.”  –JESSICA LAHEY,  Author of the Gift of Failure
“Finally, a book that explains why kids are so hard to feed AND so easy to lose in a crowded store.  Hilarious and helpful, it will keep you up at night, laugh-crying at the challenges of modern motherhood. ”  –ALISYN CAMEROTA, CNN
“A hilarious and heart-warming book that perfectly captures that delicate balance every mom feels, somewhere between “Parenting! #NailedIt!” and “What the F have I done?!?!” –RANDI ZUCKERBERG, Digital Lifestyle Expert
“If you’ve never felt like a shitty parent then you’re likely delusional. A brilliant and hilarious guide to make you feel better, or at least in great company.”  -JENNI PULOS, Star of Bravo’s Flipping Out
“As a mom your spare time is precious.  Spend it laughing with sh*tty moms!”  –WENDY BELISSIMO, CEO Wendy Bellissimo Inc.
Praise for “Sh*tty Mom:  The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us” (2012)
The most inappropriate parenting book I’ve ever read.  Loved it. The perfect book for any mother who wants to laugh instead of cry at those cringe-worthy moments and the universal indignities we experience on a daily basis.”  –JESSICA SEINFELD, bestselling cookbook author and founder of Baby Buggy
“Hilariously entertaining. A must read survivors guide for every mother!”  CHRISTY TURLINGTON BURNS, Founder Every Mother Counts
 “Witty, wise and wicked! With tongue planted firmly in cheek these savvy moms dispense some much needed comic relief about raising kids in our crazy culture.”  –DR. HARVEY KARP, bestselling author of The Happiest Baby on the Block
 “An antidote to the hostage situation that is modern parenting… subversive, delicious, and spit-out-your-latte funny.”  –PAMELA DRUCKERMAN, bestselling author of Bringing Up Bebe

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