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JULY 2013

Parent Society The laughs continue throughout this book, and rightfully so!

Baby League Club MomMe Party recap

29YearOldMama I laughed out loud, nodded my head {too} enthusiastically in agreement and said “Yes I did that/do that”!

JUNE 2013 10 Mamas to Follow on Twitter

Guardian UK Ever Feel Like A Sh*tty Mom? 

Always a Girly Girl This is just the sort of book that they should hand out as your leave the hospital with your child…

MAY 2013

Elizabeth Street  Mom Showdown 

APRIL 2013

Baby Recs I highly recommend this book for all those stressed out and tired parents!

MARCH 2013

LezGet Real I fully enjoyed this book: a great (and highly inappropriate) parenting guide for those of us living in the Real world


Los Angeles Times Week 9 on L.A. Times Bestsellers List for Hardcover Nonfiction (week of Feb 10th)

Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine  “…this tell-it-like-it-is guide had us nearly wetting our pants…”

Fox News How to Find Humor In Being A Mom

Mamamia  How to deposit your sick kid at childcare before the teacher figures it out


US Magazine  Snooki showing off her favorite mommy books on Instagram including Sh*tty Mom…”

Los Angeles Times Week 8 on L.A. Times Bestsellers List for Hardcover Nonfiction (week of Jan 27th)

Los Angeles Times Week 7 on L.A. Times Bestsellers List for Hardcover Nonfiction (week of Jan 20th)

Instagram/Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi More mommy reads!  Can’t wait!”

The Stir Sh*tty Mom it up, dear Snooki.”

Wet Paint “…not everyone just needs to know how to burp a baby or take their temperature.”

Red Screen Door “Sh*tty Mom is the book you wish you had read before you had kids.”

Adventures in Hickey Land Why I’m a Sh*tty Mom… According to the Internet


Time  Top 10 Everything of 2012 (#3 in ‘Top 10 Parenting Trends’)

Stroller Traffic Best of 2012

The Daily News Online  “Can your giftee handle the truth with a sense of humor? Then this book is perfect.”


Los Angeles Times Week 6 on L.A. Times Bestsellers List for Hardcover Nonfiction (week of Nov 18)

Redbook  Take a Few Mom Shortcuts (You’ll Live, Promise)

Brisbane Times “…behind the dark humour lies a truth that will lighten the load of mothers everywhere — it’s okay not to be perfect.”

The Mommy Bunch  “There could not have been better advice ever given to a mom….ever.”

Los Angeles Times  Week 5 on L.A. Times Bestsellers List for Hardcover Nonfiction (week of Nov 11)

Los Angeles Times Week 4 on L.A. Times Bestsellers List for Hardcover Nonfiction (week of Nov 4)

Babble  10 Books for Parents Who Have a Sense of Humor

Bite  Top 25 Comedy Books Of 2012 (That’d Make Great Gifts)

Publisher’s Weekly  …frustrations faced by all modern mothers, with sympathetic and sharp humor.

St. Louis Post Dispatch  “This is not Dr. Spock. This book is the real ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting.'”

Why He’s The One  “It is over the top inappropriate! So if you’re over the top sensitive you can’t handle this stuff, because it is the cold hard truth. I thought it was so funny.” 

Go-Getter Girls!  I loved loved loved the book…”  

Mishegas of Motherhood  “…no other book has inspired me more than Sh*tty Mom…”


Los Angeles Times  Week 3 on L.A. Times Bestsellers List for Hardcover Nonfiction (week of Oct 28th)

Los Angeles Times  Week 2 on L.A. Times Bestsellers List for Hardcover Nonfiction (week of Oct 21st)

Los Angeles Times  Week 1 on L.A. Times Bestsellers List for Hardcover Nonfiction (week of Oct 14th)

People  Mention in Poppy Montgomery’s Blog

Lifetime Moms “…totally unique, totally hilarious, sometimes borderline offensive, but 100% relatable.”

New York Observer “After a generation of supermoms one-upping each other in dead earnest on playgrounds and schoolyards, the emerging mass appeal of Sh*tty Mom is a welcome relief.”

New York Family  “…latest laugh-out-loud read that you’ll be quoting to your husband or best friend for months to come.” (cover picture here)

Star  “…the book offers parenting advice you’ll actually welcome.”

AP   “…part parody and part painful truth”

New York Daily News “…offer some well-deserved laughs in a parenting scene dominated by how to perfectly raise a child.”

Life Goes Strong  “…a tongue-and-cheek examination of everything inappropriately entering our minds as parents that we never say out loud…”

Mashable  “When I have writer’s block, I like to visit my favorite funny sites including The Bloggess or get a laugh at”

Nights and Weekends  “…laugh-until-you-cry funny…”

Eco Incognito  You’ll love it and, more importantly, you’ll love yourself a little more.”

Gift Hero “…a book for those of us who just want to laugh at our lives and know that in the end, we are doing a great job raising our kids…”


New York Times  #12 on New York Times Best Sellers List for week of Sept 30th: Hardcover Advice, How-To, Miscellaneous 

Time  “…smartly, brashly, nearly criminally funny.” 

Alpha Mom  “…the Sh*tty Mom authors scarily nail the truth about parenting in these times.”

London Evening Standard  “…genuinely funny, rude and relevant, in spite of being American.”

Cool Mom Picks  “…part survival guide, part drunk best friend on girl’s night out, part…well, actual good advice.” 

People  “…the no-nonsense tome hopes to help other mothers realize parenting is a challenge for everyone, but humor can help.

Babycenter  “…the Sh*tty Mom book is a franchise in the making.”

The Bump “…a totally hilarious and uncensored look at some of the impossible situations we mothers find ourselves in.”

Parents “…it will make you laugh out loud–just be careful of peeing your pants if you’ve delivered three babies vaginally.”

Huffington Post  “…a tongue in cheek philosophy…” 

Babble  “reads like a conversation with a girlfriend.”

Daily Candy “The authors… give voice to all the inappropriate thoughts you’ve had since becoming a mom and offer real advice that may change the way you feel about your parenting.” 

Forbes  “…the new humor book rocking the mommy world…”

Mommybites  “Why call it anything but, ‘about f*cking time’?”

Cafe Mom 2 Popular Children’s Books Every Mom Should Toss Out Now

Scary Mommy “Thank you, for reminding me that I’m not the only  scary, sh*tty mom out there!”

The Bump  “’Hysterical’ doesn’t even begin to describe it.”

PBS Parents “The chapter titles are hilarious.”

NBC Today Moms  “…offers advice to help us stay sane in today’s competitive child-rearing times.” 

Elizabeth Street “…not only chortle-inducing but also, quite possibly, essential.”

NBC  “…reveals some of the mistakes moms make while raising their kids…” 

Sean Hannity “As hilarious as it is universal…”

Cool Mom Tech “Favorite line: She’s drinking my wine!”

Windy City Momma  “The book reads like you are speaking with your best girlfriend and she is giving you absolution (and solutions) for some of the stickiest situations in Mommyhood.”

ABC News  Call it the anti-Tiger-Mom manifesto.” 

BabyCenter “…deliciously irreverent and dead on, full of dozens of jaw-dropping ‘did they just say that?’ moments.”

The Globe and Mail  “You might be, in the lexicon of a new book on parenting… Don’t worry: That’s a good thing.”

Babble/Besos  “Not often does it happen to me that I open up a “parenting” book and I find myself laughing, nodding and reading-out-loud to anyone who happens to be in the room with me.”

Mom Trends “…we’ve found a book that puts a fun spin on the trenches of parenting…”

Red Rover “…hilarious, inappropriate, and so refreshing to read…”

Monroe News  “The chapter titles alone resonate with me on a level that “Eat, Pray, Love” could never reach.”

The Vacation Gals  “…this book is covering the gamut of parenthood in a funny, sarcastic and oh-so-witty manner.” 

Gay Dad NYC  “Any book that explains the pros of having a gay child gets an A+ from me!”

Momentum “It’s the how-to book for the slightly twisted mom. This book is hilarious.”

Mommybites New York “…our survival is dependent on our ability to laugh…”

Gatehouse News Service  “…branding our foibles and unexpected child-rearing victories with their unique sense of humor.” 

Party Blu Prints  “…a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek book that tells it like it is.” 

Babble/Katherine Stone  “Sh*tty moms rule.” 

Mom Generations  “I. Couldn’t. Put. It. Down. It was AWESOMENESS at its finest.” 

NBC Today Moms “…four moms expose some of the dirty little admissions that many mothers make when it comes to dealing with the cringe-worthy moments of parenting.”

Lil Sugar  “…tongue-in-cheek take on the craziness that is parenting.”

Huffington Post/Canada  “…time to sit down with a glass of wine and flip through the latest hot book…”  

Southern Protocol  “It’s Sure To Be A Classic” 

Sunshine and Sippy Cups  “I seriously laughed out loud the whole time I read this book…”

Your Tango “…a must-read for any mom who’s ever wondered if her parenting methods were less than kosher.” 

Stroller Traffic “…a refreshing (and very funny) antidote to holier-than-thou parenting advice.”

Extraordinary Mommy “…hilarious and often wildly inappropriate…”

The Mommy’s Guide “OK OK I almost peed my pants! 

The Motherhood it is h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s.”

5 Minutes for Mom “…bring a copy of Sh*tty Mom and laugh away your problems.”

Daily Democrat  “…giving non-advice advice’ in a very whimsical, humorous fashion.”

Davis Enterprise “…earning praise across the country…”

NBC Today Moms “…for those of us who admit that our parenting isn’t blemish-free.”

Self-Made Mom “I love the new Sh*tty Mom book. It’s just f’ing funny.”

Women on the Fence Are You a Sh*tty Mom? You’re Not Alone 

Alison’s Book Marks “I laughed out loud before I even finished reading the Contents!”

Creating Comfort  “…a must-have, laugh-out-loud funny book for the sh*tty parent in all of us.”

Lady and the Blog  “…will knock your socks off!” 

Concert Katie  “…definitely a fun read…”


Rookie Moms “…a light and snarky parenting ‘guide’…”

Media Post  “…one of the most successful at making photos push out to the Twitterstream…”

Cozy Little Book Journal “…a giant love letter to moms who are exhausted from trying too hard not to be sh*tty.”

Madge Madigan “…truth is a lot of us Moms suck.  And ya’ know what?  It’s ok.”

Battle Born NV “I appreciate what the authors set out to do and applaud them”

Self-Made Mom “Girlfriends, this sh*t is funny.”

Inconceivable Book “Prepare to laugh.”


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